The M17 Project

The Future of Digital Amateur Radio

About The M17 Project

About The M17 Project

M17 is a new digital radio protocol in development for data and voice, made by and for amateur radio operators.

Our protocol's voice mode uses the free and open Codec 2 voice encoder. This means there are no patents, no royalties, and no licensing or legal barriers to scratch-building your own radio or modifying one you already own.

This freedom to build, understand, and innovate is core to amateur radio, but has been missing from the commercially available digital voice modes. This is part of why amateur radio digital voice modes have largely stagnated since the 1990s and we're almost wholly dependent on commercial products that aren't well designed for amateur radio users.

M17 is about unlocking the capabilities that amateur radio hardware should already have.

To that end, the M17 Project is a community of open source developers and radio enthusiasts. We're building understandable systems in support of the hackers and experimenters' history of ham radio.

Here you will find people working on radio hardware designs that can be copied and built by anyone, software that anyone has the freedom to modify and share to suit their own needs, and other open systems that respect your freedom to tinker.

Come join the group! We're making ham radio fun.

You can find us on several chat platforms (bridged, so you can pick your favorite), twitter, and on our weekly voice net.


  • Amateur Radio Digital Communications

    Amateur Radio Digital Communications

    Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) is a private foundation that exists to support amateur radio and digital communication science and technology. ARDC makes grants that support amateur radio, funds scholarships and worthy educational programs, and financially supports technically innovative amateur radio and digital communications projects.

    ARDC awarded the M17 Project $250,000 in April 2020 for RF design and development, including test equipment, prototypes, and developer kits. They will also be used to provide bounties for solutions to particularly hard problems, and for the administrative work that is less likely to get done on intrinsic motivation alone.

Sponsors & Partners

  • Open Research Institute

    Open Research Institute

    Open Research Institute (ORI) is a non-profit research and development organization which provides all of its work to the general public under the principles of Open Source and Open Access to Research.

    Learn more about ORI's work.

    ORI is the fiscal sponsor of the M17 Project.

  • OpenRTX


    OpenRTX is a free and open source firmware for digital ham radios, top-down designed with modularity, flexibility and performance in mind.

    OpenRTX supports the M17 Protocol with firmware that includes TX and RX capabilities for popular HTs, mobiles, and custom-built Amateur Radio hardware to help get Amateur Radio operators on the air with M17.

  • Mobilinkd, LLC

    Mobilinkd, LLC

    Mobilinkd - Highly mobile packet radio

    Mobilinkd, LLC specializes in portable packet radio devices, such as the TNC3, and NucleoTNC. Mobilinkd's TNCs are easy to use, and compatible with most HTs and mobile radios.

    Mobilinkd supports the M17 Protocol on the TNC3 and NucleoTNC. Mobilinkd also supports the M17 Project with assistance developing the M17 Protocol, and with providing voice and packet mode applications for mobile devices.