Community Links

M17 Project Net

The M17 Project Net is a ham radio net that meets weekly at 1700UTC on Fridays. You can join the net by linking to one of the following:

  • Reflector M17-M17 module C
  • ASL 46550
  • DMR TGIF 1017
  • YSF 34364
  • NXDN 17000

  • M17 Forums

    M17 Forums

    The M17 Forums is the long-poll discussion platform for the M17 Project.

  • Discord


    Join the M17 public chat channels on Discord!

    We discuss everything from M17 protocol development, hardware and software, 3D printing, CAD/CAM, and other ham radio technology. Or, stick around for the off-topic banter if you'd like! M17 has an active and growing community of almost 400 people (as of 2021) on Discord.

  • Matrix


    Join the M17 public channels on Matrix!

    The M17 Project links it's popular channels on its own Matrix Space on

  • IRC


    M17's main public chat channel is also linked to IRC. Join us on the #m17 channel at

  • Twitter


    Breaking news from the M17 Project! On Twitter, you'll find important updates and information from the M17 Project. Or, tweet us your questions!