• Wojciech SP5WWP

    Wojciech SP5WWP

    M17 Project Founder / Project Lead

    Bare-metal software developer. Radio amateur since 2016. Open source and hardware movement enthusiast.

  • Steve KC1AWV

    Steve KC1AWV

    Systems Administrator/ M17 Labs Manager - USA

    Senior Systems Administrator for a non-profit based in Boston, Massachusetts. Enjoys coding, tinkering, and playing with radios!

  • Mike W2FBI

    Mike W2FBI

    Software Prototyping / Development

    Insatiably curious software developer and entrepeneur fascinated by radios. Still can’t play guitar.

  • Ed N2XDD

    Ed N2XDD

    Community Manager / Primary NCS

    Old school analog radio enthusiast living in a digital radio world. Recently retired and rarely found without a large cup of coffee in hand. Radio Amateur since 1993.

  • Tom N7TAE

    Tom N7TAE

    Software Development / Protocol Networking

    Retired Physical Chemist. Now a radio amateur and open source software guy interested in digital comms.

  • Doug AD8DP

    Doug AD8DP

    Software Development - DroidStar

    Automotive powertrain electronics engineer. Open source hardware & software enthusiast, GNU/Linux advocate, and self proclaimed ‘Gadgeteer’. Radio amateur since 2013.

  • Rob WX9O

    Rob WX9O

    Software / Hardware Development - Mobilinkd, LLC

    Fintech Software Engineer & Founder of Mobilinkd LLC. Enjoys digital signal processing, embedded systems, and electronic design. Still trying to master the FPGA.